seen / scene

neck; india ink on math paper, 6.25 x 9.25 inches.

* * * * *

Some scenes I've seen lately ...

• A guy in full construction worker gear – hard hat, boots, tool belt, heavy jeans, quilted vest – running, full out, down the sidewalk.

• About a thousand people, everywhere, all the time, walking along with their cell phone held out in front of them like a wand, madly thumbing little buttons. Meanwhile, I can't even talk on my home phone while the radio is on.

• Grey jeans. A girl in grey jeans. I have not seen grey jeans in twenty years, I'm sure. I was *shocked*.

* Sweat pants with piano keys printed up the side of one leg. This is the return of a decidely *less* awesome idea.

• Two boys in suits, going into a comic store. Despite the white sneakers, I thought they looked rather sharp.

• Guy in motorcycle jacket who does not own a motorcycle. Obviously. In fact, we're pretty sure you don't even have a job.

• A woman so bow-legged that I saw the space between her knees before I saw her. She was like a Dr. Seuss character. A Wobbly Gobbly.

• A front door spray-painted (in red, at least) with an expletive that rhymes with "duck sue". I preferred to imagine the angry crash of a romance instead of just some mindless vandalism. And then it stayed there for two days.

• I've had a jean jacket for many years now, and I've never thought of decorating it with a Mötley Crüe, 'Theatre of Pain' iron-on decal. How do I feel about this oversight? I do not know.

• A Confederate flag used as a curtain. But what ever happened to the skeleton-on-the-battlefield version? Will the South *ever* rise again?

• Port Hope, through the windows of a bus. Pretty.

• Belleville, through the windows of the same bus. Should be carpet bombed. Immediately.

• The demise of a local health store specializing in colonic irrigations. Poor C ... she wept when she heard this. Maybe we can get you a home kit, I said.


  1. anytime i go into a busy place at like 10 am and see a ton of people- i think to myself do any of these people have jobs.

    I think you are obsessed with jackets and jean :)

  2. My daughter has a pair of greyish skinny pants, hand me downs from my super tiny much younger sister (she's 16) & I will tell you how shocked I am that I've allowed her to wear them, lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are an amazing artist!

  3. your observations crack me up..I wonder where the guy in construction was running full out to?

  4. I can't believe you could spot my bow-leggedness from so far away. Perhaps my legs would look better in gray jeans.

    Thanks for the observations -- it is raining heavily here and I have no interest in going out to observe anything.


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