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C defended her Master's thesis (Education) this morning, so I took the day off to provide chauffeuring, company, bag carrying, moral support, lunch, etc. She made a great presentation and gave the committee's questions just the right amount of thoughtful air. And they gave her a clean pass, no revisions necessary. So job well done.

Her thesis was about possible selves: the future selves that students imagine when they embark on a course of study, and the way informational interviews with established members of their desired community can develop and animate their plans. Is there a dream or a strategy or even an idea?

Often: no. As she was talking I thought about my own ambitions from that time, at the end of high school and my early twenties, and just how barren my imagination was, how I saw nothing, and could see nothing ahead, like standing at the edge of an empty field. All I can remember thinking is that I needed to find some way not to be exposed and desperate forever, and how nice it would be to be "set up" in some reliable situation, in some small way.

But a Master's ... now that's improvement for oneself.


  1. but that's a beautiful thesis! it will be a beautiful thing! and then she shall have a beautiful masters! and then life shall be beautiful, just like oona, who may or may not be your child (but probably is given the pictures and videos).

  2. very interesting thesis. congrats to C.

    Oona, btw, is gorgeous. Wilde's comment cracks me up

  3. I often wonder about those that have it "all planned out". I drifted out of (high) school and into Uni, then through various jobs and hobbies. Learning all the time, but no clear plan. . . .
    Sounds like a very interesting thesis - and well 'defended'!
    And kudos to you for being a loving, supportive hubby ;)

  4. What a brilliant thesis, I would kill to read it, will she publish? Kudos to C, it can't be easy to do a masters with a small child, even such a gorgeous one.

  5. Christina4:34 pm

    Elle and Eryl:

    Thank you for being interested!

    I will try to get published, but for now, I think anyone can read my thesis here:

  6. Thanks, Christina, I will go to it now.


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