a good woman

We watched A Good Woman Saturday night. A Good Woman stars Scarlett Johansson and – even *more* unfortunately – Helen Hunt.

O god it was awful. It was one of those precious period movies about witty (read: quite stupid), rich British people on annual/permanent holiday in Italy. It was all Lord-this, Lady-that. Lots of sunshine and mawkish horn music in the background. Dialogue all charming quips shared around the table, like everyone saying their lines. In fact, everyone *did* sound like they were reading lines. Helen Hunt, looking shrunken and dunked in baby powder, like someone you'd find photocopying her ass at the office Christmas party, sounded like dinner theatre in rural Nova Scotia. I was stunned by the idea that she is still getting work. Especially *this* kind of work, which is supposed to be all refined and clever and has all the dramatic weight of day-old popcorn. I kept waiting for Poirot to show up. And Scarlett Johansson did her usual thing, walking around with her mouth open.

All of this to say that C has now lost control of the Zip list for awhile.


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