Magnificent Bird

Some nice Americans called Magnificent Bird are releasing an album this weekend. It's called Superdark Can Happen to Anyone. I can tell you that they mean it.

What is superdark? Sliding things, I think. Then stuck. Slurred stoppages. Some remembered party, some glorified bonfire really, in the middle of nowhere, some field or clearing, with cars and trucks pulled up around, and to stand by the fire is to lean into curtains of heat, your face ablaze even while your back is freezing, and so you turn, and keep turning, bone coated, these twisty tower poses of standing and drinking, not looking at the girls who aren't there, not beer sick about that, again, so that when you finally step away it's into a flickering half-nothingness, and then the dark fills right in, just like that, twenty feet into the field and you might as well have stepped into space, so hellishly cold and black it is, with that reflected laughter behind you, somewhere blonde thin and ropey, ghosts from some other planet. Step ahead not down. Hands out before you. Don't fall down.

That could be one thing it is. Maybe.

The only way to really know is to listen. Here's a video from one of the songs on the album, one that's just crushingly Awful.


  1. The video is certainly super dark, and goes some way to explain the look on my catholic mother's face that summer in 1978.


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