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It's the straw man who worries me. Mixed media on canvas, 22 x 28 inches. From the string series.

Donated this painting to charity last week. I would like to tell you all about their good works but honestly I don't know; C just came home and informed me that I was donating a painting to some charity auction. This seems to happen about once a month now, and it tastes a lot like the jellied sandwich meats they used to serve in the basement of the church after Sunday School, when I was a kid, with about the same amount of sweating and quivering.

This time, however, I did ask her: Will I be getting a tax receipt?

O, it's not that kind of charity, C said. It's not like charity charity.

So I'm just giving things away, I said.

Are you going to be in a bad mood all evening now? she asked.


  1. :)) sweet.

    i'd like to paint on canvas too... someday.

  2. If you started donating C's things to charity it might make you feel better ... or if it escalates it would make the house seem bigger?

  3. some poor charity may get a whole lot of my art..I am tired of storing it!!!

  4. I used to be contacted frequently about donations. It irritated me.

    No one has contacted me in about three years. That irritates me too.

  5. this is such a wonderful painting :)

  6. well u could consider me a charity...just sayin....

  7. You are a busy person! Like the work spirit who makes great work!


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