Well, Oona pulled the Daily Double this weekend, pooping in the bath on Saturday and puking in the car on Sunday -- the former just for fun and convenience (who hasn't been there?) and the latter a case of car sickness, I think, as it's happened before, this time just as we pulled into the parking lot of the sports complex (and swimming pool). Baby might need a tiny bit of Gravol before the road.

* * * * *

Came downstairs this morning to find a small pile of dirty tea towels and damp dish cloths on the counter. All rumpled together. I ignored this and began making coffee.

Keeping the kitchen counter clear is an aggravation of mine (when C can't figure out what to do with something, she just puts it on the counter) but one has to be selective in their comments. For example, I will remark on the baking dish that's been "left to soak" because this is the domestic equivalent of the boar's head on a stick: here's something gross, beware, and *you* deal with it. I'll also comment on the rotting apples in the hanging basket over the kitchen table.

Stop buying so many apples, I'll say.

But I like the way they look in the basket, C replies.

Right now we have eight or nine peppers kicking around the fridge. I didn't buy them; I've never seen a recipe that asks for more than half a pepper at a time. But C likes the way the peppers look in the cellophane bags.

Stop buying peppers in a bag, I'll say.

* * * * *

Some holy rollers knocked on our door Saturday afternoon, and just as I started taking off my belt they handed over a loaf of fresh-baked bread -- with their contact information on the bag, of course. Smart. But later on, as I was cutting this bread into slices, I started thinking about accepting food from strangers. But where does one find a food taster on such short notice?

Does Oona want to try a little piece of fresh bread with butter? I asked.


  1. just had a very bad flashback upon reading the 'daily double' - in the car is the worst - we were never able to just buy a new car after one of those episodes - sigh

  2. thanks for the comments dear :) hope you follow my blog too if you liked it.


  3. holy rollers that bring bread? my holy rollers suck ass, they just drop pamphlets on my doorstep and run. yesterday's informed us that the end will arrive on may 21. my youngest son finds that to be hilarious.

  4. Better the bath than the pool I always say

    Calling it Gravol makes it sound so much tamer than calling it Dramamine.

    Tripping on Dramamine is known as 'Dramatizing'. Thanks for that gem Wikipedia

  5. oh snap! Does poor Oona know she is now blogspot famous for pooing in the tub? I prefer the food taster to be Hubby..that said..I might let the Holy Rollers on the porch if they came bearing gifts of yummy food!

  6. My "kitchen counter" is the dining room table. Not that I have a dining room, my apartment is only really one room and a little tatami extension, so I guess "the" table. I like it to be clean and crumb free all the time. But I cant say anything to Motto about the empty plastic bags he likes to store on top of it, because then I open myself up to being criticized about the piles of used tissues next to my futon, or the dishes that I leave to clean themselves.

    You should start packing C apple-pepper sandwiches for lunch. She may do the shopping, but I'm sure you prepare the bag lunches.

  7. I have allergies, dont be gross.


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