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hanging lantern in the corner of my studio

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Yesterday was Chinese New Year ... so a happy new year to my niece, Mei Mei! Apparently, 2011 is the Year of the Golden Rabbit.
The Rabbit is a lucky sign. Rabbits are private individuals and a bit introverted. People born in the Year of the Rabbit are reasonably friendly individuals who enjoy the company of a group of good friends. They are good teachers, counselors and communicators, but also need their own space. According to Chinese tradition, the Rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves. It is a time for negotiation. Don't try to force issues, because if you do you will ultimately fail. To gain the greatest benefits from this time, focus on home, family, security, diplomacy, and your relationships with women and children. Make it a goal to create a safe, peaceful lifestyle, so you will be able to calmly deal with any problem that may arise.
Hmm ... this says nothing about gambling or smoking too much, so I'm a bit doubtful about its veracity. Besides, I think Mei Mei is waiting for the Year of the Two-Fisted Gangster.

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An old drunk with an Irish accent (coincidence?) came up to me this morning and asked for the time. "Seven forty-five," I said, without looking at my watch, and he stumbled past.

It's such a shock to be asked for the time these days, when everyone's so wired up. It's like your thoughts when you come across a phone booth: Oh yeah ... phone booths ... *those* were cool. I miss those days. I miss the idea of the phone being something separate and other, something slightly alien, and strange to be on for any length of time (unless you were sixteen and you had your own extension, but those kind of kids were like millionaires to me). And you know what was really cool? Phoning for the correct time.


  1. I remember that...I was the last kid in my high school to get a cell phone--actually I didn't until after I graduated, jeez--so all my mental maps had the pay phones marked on them.

  2. I remember my family having a party line!!! I know..I just carbon dated myself. The sad thing is..if no one asks the one is talking to each other. The funny thing is when people my age and older are distracted by their phones..come on..we knew a life without that stuff..can't put it down to drive? The other thing I noticed was when I went back to the University at age 53. All the students would leave the class and put on the ipod earbuds and text on their phones. No one socialized in the halls. Weird.

  3. When I was 7 I was a Brownie (mini Girl Scout), and for one of my badges I had to make a call from a pay phone

    The Guide Leader went with me to make sure I did it right, and I was so nervous I dropped my 2c (does that make me feel old or what) before I could get it in the phone. I think I rang my Mum

    The other part of getting that badge was making a bed. I think that took me about an hour

    I got that damn badge, and boy I wore it proudly on my cardie :)

    Happy rabbity new year

  4. to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die...

  5. Gong Hey Fat Choy to the niece!


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