phil collins is not a cannibal

introduction; ink on math paper, 9.5 x 6.5 inches.

In a store the other day and they were playing Phil Collins over and across the aisles, all I could think about was how he believes that he was at the Alamo in another life, and how lonely he is now, and how he's thought about killing himself, I can't even tell you what Phil Collins song it was, or maybe it was Genesis, all of it was so massively successful and now it means nothing to him, he almost wishes it never happened, except that it allows him to live in a posh house in Switzerland, and collect Alamo artifacts, and wander the halls and ponder weird energies, like a more resigned version of Billy Joel, and of course not drinking as much, having giving up on ever being taken seriously. You become consumed in a shorthand way. A friend of mine once admitted that she would resort to cannibalism if it would save her life, and was astonished when I absolutely refused the idea, saying that then it wouldn't matter if you were rescued or not, because you'd always be known as that person who ate people, especially to yourself.


  1. i love the drawing :) I think Phil Collins is part cannibal

  2. Phil Collins has always been at the very top of my 'men I fancy but have no idea why' list

    Aaaaah, Phil

  3. Anonymous3:04 pm

    Love the drawing~ I would have to die before I would ever..yes it would be easier to just die.

  4. really...?
    i didnt know that :(
    i thought he was.

  5. i had no idea phil was depressed. huh.

    i'd probably eat someone to survive. even if i were depressed. i think i like life.

  6. Just perfect:) congrats!

  7. unless you ate the person and hid the evidence.

  8. Interesting, I had no idea that Phil Collins was suffering. I like the drawing, and the title.


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