there are those who say i am not an optimist

girl in hat and gloves; india ink on math paper.

* * * * *

More cascading brain failure for yours truly today, when Oona decided she was lonely and C decided to take on a full-out coughing fit, and they coordinated their efforts for a quarter after four in the morning. I had *tried* to go to bed early, getting that tired-deep-in-the-lungs feeling around nine or so, and C was out at Toastmasters anyway (if it's not a cult then what's with the secret handshake, and why is every 'speech' entitled "The Nighttime is the Right Time"?), and I was trying to avoid that total cognitive collapse that usually overwhelms me by Friday. No such luck. Soon enough I found myself setting the microwave for a minute-twenty-seven and then standing there, mouth open, watching that little bottle of milk go round and round.

So yeah: today should be brilliant. It's not even ten and already I've got the kind of descending thoughts that must have scuttled within Boxer when he realized exactly where the glue-boiler van was taking him.


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