snow is exhausting

Oona fell asleep while I pushed her stroller through a snowstorm this morning. Must be nice, the gangster life.


  1. awh, snow/strollers - that's tough. here in germany they just don't remove it. which leads to road chaos.

    it's melting finally today a bit so the giant ice bumps are incredible. so not german like....

  2. It won't be long before Oona is pushing you in a bath-chair.

    I've just spent several wonderful, cosy evenings immersed in Nigella Lawson's latest book. Soon I will be roasting bones.

  3. Snow is exhausting.. you need snow shoes.. or a sled :) maybe you could invent a stroller with snow shoes. :)

  4. I agree snow is cold here. I get tired of slogging through drifts to feed the silly chickens. My Dad made little wooden seat backs for my sons' sleds so I could pull them around the streets of Erie Pennsylvania when they were toddlers. I still have their little flexible flyers and the seat backs. Very clever..I miss my Dad and his inventiveness! I especially like your mathematical diagram! I had to do those a few years ago for a terrible math class to graduate. Been since high school since I had math. Nice for me to be able to understand your diagram!!!! :)

  5. hi, I'm Janice LaVerne and you commented on my blog! (way back in November) Since I'm the type of artist whose paintings live mostly under the bed, it was so nice to get your comment. Thank you! and I hope you stay warm this winter...


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