semi-permanent brain damage

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* * * * *

Well that was (not) fun.

Woke up late this morning. An hour and fifteen minutes late.

I've always hated this, even as a bachelor, but now with the Two Chickens it feels like a minor apocalypse, with all four horsemen running riot in my skull. To say my thinking was impaired is like saying that the Germans had some difficulties on the Eastern Front.

Have you ever had a two-minute shower? I have. I've also left a half-eaten bowl of cereal in the fridge, and then walked three kilometres in -29 C without having had so much as a coffee. Warming! But I'm getting ahead of myself.

* * * * *

When I emerged from my two-minute shower, and came upstairs wearing my bathrobe like a toga because I couldn't find the arms, I asked C how we should "do this".

"Well," she said, "I'll get Oona dressed as fast as I can and then you two can ..."

"Uh, wait wait wait. What time do you start work again?"


At which point I came up with the brilliant idea that she could take Oona to daycare.

"Oh," she said.

* * * * *

And *why* did we sleep in this morning? Because we hadn't set the alarm. And *why* hadn't we set the alarm? Because the alarm only gets set on the mornings when C has to get up, and otherwise she goes to bed ridiculously early (last night I made her stay up 'til 9), and when I do go to bed it's in the dark, and there's *no way* I'll find the right switch or knob or combination thereof on the *new* alarm clock that C bought, because it has seven buttons on the front and two sets of four settings on the top and two dials on each side, and she bought it because the radio is digital ("It's digital!"), and the old alarm clock (read: mine) kept losing the signal, so she bought this one. Which, once again, was like asking for a match and getting a volcano. So now the digital radio clock with its seventy four settings will be finding a new home, and I'll bring back in one of mine with its two buttons.


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  2. oh i need another cup of green tea just to read this! i hate these sort of mornings. luckily for me i have three alarm clocks going off all over the house. most of the time none of them are for me. ack.

    well, there's always miller time to look forward to a little later on ...
    good luck with that new alarm clock!

  3. I felt slightly sick just reading this, oversleeping and the resultant rushing around trying to catch up: ugh!

  4. There must be something in the air today - you are the 3rd person (that I have been the good fortune of knowing!) who has an 'I slept in this morning' story.

    We have one of those digital alarm clocks that DJ has mastered and delights in turning off :)

    Anyways - cheer up your day will likely not get any any better . . . . but there's always tomorrow ;)

  5. i set 3 alarms on my phone.but needless to say with mama dog being ever so a)hungry & b)poopy she wakes me up every 2 hrs .thats just to do a & b.then there's the protective barking because god forbid anyone dare walk past our house on this side of the street anymore!!!her barking gets dad dog goin.
    i'd give anything to hear just one of my alarms again...(and it hasnt even been a week yet!!)

  6. I'll get fired if I'm late even once, so it's good I dont start work until 4:30pm. So I only have to set the alarm to 2pm (if I want breakfast).

  7. I have been the ultimate in lazy. Hubby works graves for now and I wake up when he gets home. But since he is switching to swings and I have to find a job..guess I will have to get moving in the morning! I have a good excuse though, I have a very sick German Shepherd who seems to be losing her battle with a pancreatic disorder. In other words she cannot digest her food. Losing weight rapidly, weak and has the runs. Not a great time. It seems we will have to get the vet to help her get to the other side. Makes me very sad. But I have been hand feeding her and helping her get outside to do her business, cleaning up when she can't wake me. Reminds me when I lost days to sick toddlers..but they were not dying..just caught the bugs from their playmates! I wish I could dream this away!

  8. semipermanentbraindamage.
    so me.

  9. the cell phone alarm is the absolute best, because you can set it so it goes off M-F. I'd be lost without it.

    And I think most brands of phones do this, because the last 4 phones I've had did this!


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