More Realistic Games for the Wii Fit

Early Morning Groan Roll

Snooze Bar Elusive

Dropped Shower Items

Weight Scale Humiliation

Baby Stroller Snow Push

Death March

Cubicle Slow Dance

Broken Chair Posture Time

Carpel Fun Tunnel

Grocery Store Psychotic Episode

Oona Ski Pants Wrestlemania

Vegetable Chop

Recycling Tour de Stink

Alcohol Great Escape

Tooth Brushing Your Spiritual Emptiness

Full Body Collapse


  1. Your Mii looks like Paul McCartney

    My one makes me look like Dianne Wiest's character in 'Edward Scissorhands'

  2. Maybe I need a Mii - but not if it made me feel fat or scary.

    Been catching up on your posts - so much good stuff, I adored Shawn

  3. Lauged out loud - might be the first belly laugh of the new year...thanks ;)


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