How should an artist be?

Recently I created a set of ten cigar-tin stories for a collector in Toronto. Not only was this different because of the number involved, but also because she asked for the artwork to be done along specific themes. Making it a bit of an assignment (instead of my usual method of just pulling threads out of the air). And it was fun to do, these small acts of solving. And the collector was so excited and gracious when she got them that it made the whole effort that much more worth it.

I mean, let's be honest: at $20 a pop I'm not in this to get rich. So it's always nice to hear from customers, and to know that you've added something absolutely unique to the corners of their homes.


  1. Awesome stuff! My son Josten is quite pleased with his cigar tin. I really like this collection you've created. I always enjoy the challenge when someone asks me to create art with a theme, or their own idea in mind. I have done this on a quite a few occasions for a local collector, and it's been very rewarding.

  2. oh I like these so much! I was just wondering where I could get some cigar tins. I have some wooden cigar boxes I intend to do some game boards and funky art in and all around.

  3. Just wondering how many cigars you have to smoke to accumulate all those tins... or do you make your clients do the smoking?

  4. What a fun, abstract idea, seems you have taken the challenge and run well with it!


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