distracted acrobatics

I've been making (painting) these cd books lately (you know: the kind you leave in the car, for all your 80's music); this one I gave to C at xmas.

* * * * *

It was just Oona and I this last weekend; C went up to Ottawa for some kind of Toastmaster's jamboree (?!). On the way to the train she said she was worried about us ... despite the fact that I do all the cooking and I'm regularly alone with Oona and I was, in fact, at home with her for four months this summer. We'll be fine, I said. And we were. And Oona really, really enjoyed the french fries I got from the drive-thru at Wendy's.

The rest of the weekend had its bumps, of course, but these could usually be straightened out with a steady supply of Cheezies.

* * * * *

January is acrobatic already. Painting commitments for March and May, plus a spring show I'm planning with Susan. Trying to wrap up an illustrated novella (always one more change, one more twitch that needs to be worked out). A whole whack of cigar-tin stories wanted by a collector. Some (fun) chap-book design work for C's little press, plus the Ban Righ anthology. And then *Oona* (?!) hanging around all the time, being all play-with-me this and I'm-hungry that (this morning she spit up on my leg -- it froze on my walk to work -- and then had a *real* barf mid-morning so she could be removed from daycare and skive off at home). The only thing that relaxes me is watching her Auntie Catherine dish out one of her legendary spankings, but one of my New Year's resolutions is to cut back on the treats.


  1. I, erm, feigned, a *real* barf today, so I've skived off daycare (aka work) for the rest of the day

    Alas, there are no spankings for me at home

  2. c's cover is sublime....
    i suddenly like the fact that i have birthdays and such...
    no barfing but i did stay home to play midwife to my very pregnant dog..lots of panting but no pups -yet.last time she had them in my bed-perfectly fine feather bed ruined.does auntie catherine spank dogs?

  3. Hubby could use a spanking from Auntie Catherine but that might not turn out to be such a good idea! I am dealing with a sick dog...Not a big enough shovel for a shepherd with the runs...3 trips in 8 degrees outside last night..yawn

  4. I'd forgotten about CDs.

  5. Its always nice to discover new people on the blog. Thanks for your comment. Although the bird and the sky has nothing to do together. Its an Australien bird and a German (not so typical) winter sky.
    I like your drawings a LOT:)

  6. I *love* the CD case! I may have to put a request or two in. :) Thanks for the note on my blog, and you're right - I will just soak them for all I can.

    Hey, I received your book last month, thanks! I'm taking it with me next week as well as Stafford-Clark's "What Freud Really Said" (a required reading requirment for Psyc). Wonder if Montego Bay has ever seen such diverse reading material? Ha! I'm thinking your book will provide much more entertainment than the other! :)

  7. there is now an oona in our family...oona lulu and she is a lovely wee dorkie!!!

  8. I think I'd like to meet Aunt Catherine...spankings can be so liberating! As for the parenting portions of my day...I am just holding out for October, cuz as the wee sweet children know, October is Child Abuse Month!

  9. the cd case is excellent.
    so sorry i come so late.
    just got back from holiday.
    hope youve been well.
    i must get back to the sea.
    see you?

  10. very well done..I guess next project should be to paint the back of an ipod cover?

  11. Great your keeping busy. Love the CD case!!

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