baby, it's cold outside

A thank you note from my nephew Shawn. Because he's awesome. I especially enjoyed the alien spaceships, swarming around the Kong-like giant snowman. Apparently there is also a cat named "Tiggy" in there as well.

* * * * *

A very fresh (as in fresh hell) -24 degrees Celsius this morning, making the walk to work something of an adventure. The biggest problems are your glasses (which begin to fog and then frost over) and your legs (which go stiff). At a certain point where I knew I was done crossing roads, I just took them off (the glasses, not my legs) and went the rest of the way blind. As for the frozen thighs, that's just the cost of doing business -- I was already wearing long johns. What's next? Ski pants? Snowmobile gear? A space suit?

The coffee I always carry froze into chunks. Which is still not as bad as you'd get in Winnipeg, where every winter day is colder than a witch's tit on Easter Sunday.

* * * * *

C has a sinus cold right now. It's Day Two of it really settling in. This morning she was all woebegone and panicky about it. "Are you sure I don't have a sinus infection?" she asked.

I assured her she didn't. I know because *I* had one, for about three weeks at the end of a cold (which is how it happens), until I finally got a prescription. And C's reaction at the time was, "Yeah yeah, so what's for supper?"


  1. Cool note - how old is Shawn? (I ask because I want to know when my DJ can start writing his own TY notes - instead of me pretending to be him!!!)

    Brass Monkey weather here today too - my toes are still numb despite the winter boots and thermal socks but my tea did survive (get Contigos from Costco).

    Hope C feels better soon, go home and cuddle up by the fire - you will both (all) feel better!

  2. Minus 24?! Watch your nose doesn't fall off.

  3. Love the note! You have to save it. My mother saved my notes and they are pretty funny. I always drew dinosaurs with death rays. :)

  4. Yikes, I would DIE rather than go out in that, makes me feel a right old wimp now, for all the whining I've posted over our sprinkling of snow!

    Does your nephew hire out his note-writing skills? I know a few parents who would happily pay him a kings ransom for use of his skills..

  5. :D cute.
    i mean the note, not the sinus cold.

  6. I found my oldest son's journal from when he was in grade school..he hated his brother! I also found a cool bunny he drew and a fish eating another it!!!
    I use their kid art in my own sometimes. It has actually been in the 40's here..warm and sunny..until today..snow again. I like the onesie outfits that the snowboarders wear..that could work for you. I understand you can get neon colors..good for blizzard conditions and zebra stripes..easier to find you in an avalanche!

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