take me away with you, mister owl

Another painted journal, now out there in the world.

Much time at home this weekend, sending hundreds of virgin kleenexes to their gruesome, gluey deaths. In crumpled heaps they died and still I reached for more.

Some relief/success from apple cider vinegar. Will try a stronger concoction tonight.

And finally we got a tree. C's life has new meaning.


  1. AWWW I love the owl. Is the owl painted in acrylic?

    Also if you have a bit of a cold- try the neti pot. :)

  2. i love your animals! will there be any more? perhaps wolves.. or seals? :)

  3. Omg owlllllll. I vote Unicorn for the next journal cover!

  4. what is the ACV concoction?

  5. Erika: I can't bring a flower to a knife fight.

    Daria: Wolf. Hmmm ....

    Krista: I'm sorry but I can't get a unicorn *and* the Irish Rovers on the same page.

    Holly: It's a germ/bacteria killer, a disinfectant at the very least. Plus a million other *magical* properties. In a way, it's right up there with the unicorn.

    Slim: tnx.

  6. yes do take me, Mister.

    i like your owl!
    and the cover looks great.

    hows the Christmas thing going?
    good you got a tree :)

    bye for now say hi to your family.

  7. l LUV the owland the owl luvs me...

  8. Owl always represent the Intelligence and mind of a person...

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