grumpy dads need a morning group, too

The thing with this parenting gig is that some days contain whole days even before breakfast; this morning, for example, I was up by 5:05 so I could shower and eat and make my lunch and generally be out of the way by the time C got up for her new morning Toastmaster's group (which has led me to wonder -- what kind of amateur psychotic gets up in the morning wanting to make a speech to a room full of strangers? pretend lawyers? aspiring dictators?) and I could get Oona up and fed and en route to daycare in good time. The only plus in all this is that I have a chance to throw at least one cat (the fat one) outdoors for the day.

C told me last night that, sooner or later, I'll have to drop the "grumpy dad" routine -- otherwise Oona will just look at me someday and make a stink face. I had three reactions:
a) You don't think she's going to give us plenty of stink-face regardless of how we are?
b) Yes, it's worked out so well for all those kids whose parents tried to be best friends with them. So well, in fact, that many of them never left home.
c) Who cares.

And then, of course, at work this morning I get the inevitable call: C wanting to know if she needs to swing by the house, in order to let the cats in. Incredibly, I tell her, the fat one was smart enough to hide before Oona and I left.


  1. ooh, my sides hurt! all i can say is "tee hee" ... and welcome to my world. ;) 5 a.m. is *such* a lovely hour...

  2. You know cats always land on their feet?

    :) Cats are pretty smart- and full of trickery.

  3. Oona will learn the ways to melt the grumpy man face right off of you. Brace yourself. :)

  4. My kids are 28 and 31 and I still get the stink face!!! Our trial is getting the ninja cat out from under the bed before we close the door for the day. You made me laugh..thanks!!!


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