and then he unleashed his weather machine

Is it just me or is all this WikiLeaks business very confusing? Julian Assange is such a strange character; C says he looks like the weedy French villain in a Bond film. But the governments involved don't exactly look like white knights either -- why, for example, is it necessary to lie about the number of civilians who have died in Iraq? And why are they so shocked/appalled at their communications being leaked, when every government has to operate under the assumption that there are agents (Chinese, Russian, Bond villain or otherwise) that want to get their hands on it? What's amazing to me is that information still filters out at all, when the parties involved are so righteously paranoid, and spend so much treasure building their castles.

And now, suddenly, the Swedes are after Mr. Assange for sex offences ... it's like Denmark announcing that they've just charged Michael Moore for money laundering. Curiouser and curiouser.


  1. hello, just stopping by to say hello to you and your family.
    so, hello!

    sorry ive missed your posts, deadlines are killing me.
    hope you've been well.

    see you in a hundred years...

  2. A tad convenient all this shit about him should surface now, (shrug) it does rather scream "fit up". Who knows or cares what his motivation is (other than finding world fame in giving us all a good laugh), like you, I am more concerned as to why all the powers that be are getting their knickers in such a knot over it.


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