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Slouching this morning, as I often am on Fridays ... walking along upper Princess last night, saw that this internet cafe or cyber cafe or whatever the hell it was (really it was just these Asian dudes and some banks of computers in a flickering dim room, it looked more like a call centre in Taiwan) finally went out of business, I'd been watching and waiting and finally gave up hope months ago, astounded that there was still a demand for places to go play World of Warcraft, like this business existed in its own time field or something, perched on the edge of 1997 ... congratulations to C, who has now gone a full week with no wine in the house, this beats her previous record by six days ... she was pretty excited by the 50th anniversary of her local Toastmasters this week, they had a big shindig (read: they put up some balloons and had cake) with congratulations from our MLA and the Premier and everything ... C's always showing me her 'Competent Communicator' badge (it looks like something you'd see at Staples, with 'Hank' and 'Photocopy Technician' underneath) and asking me, "Jealous much?" ... this morning I came down to the kitchen (*every* morning: I'm always first up, making coffee and Chicken's bottle and tossing fat cats out into the darkness and -- hopefully -- rain) to find a wee pile of wet rags on the kitchen counter, casualties from suppertime with Oona ... C is a serial offender in this category, she just puts things on the kitchen counter and expects them to somehow solve themselves, this morning I even did a (repeat) demonstration of how to rinse the rags and hang them to dry on the laundry basket over the dryer before they go into the wash, she just gave me this blank look and said, "I did lots of laundry!" ... she was tired and admittedly vacant last night and laundry is pretty much the answer for everything when C is out of ideas, washing everything in the house, cramming it into the machines by the armload (God help you if you don't clean out your own pockets), she's like those World War One generals who ordered offensives every ten minutes, it's like blunt-force psychic therapy or something ... there is an ART PARTY happening at the Unitarian Fellowship Hall (214 Concession) from 2 to 7 this Saturday, my colleague Maggie is among those showing work, I'm sure I'll make the walk, even if it's snowing.


  1. Snowing?! Today was the first "light-jacket" day Miami has decided to throw our way! Snow is so delightful..especially if you're walking in it to art show..(maybe I'm romanticizing it..)

    Your take on family life is so relatable..I'm always smiling after reading about you and your two girls!

  2. Anonymous8:55 am

    Good read! The rags left on the counter top reminds me of my kids apartment, I never knew what I was going to walk into. What's interesting is that they all pointed fingers at one another, and listed off things they had already accomplished. The art show sounds...I'm not really sure...hope it turns out well. Have fun!


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