Will we ever find someone to make us do what we want?

masura; India inks on paper (page from an old math text book).

* * * * *
Hello election hoo-ha in the States today: all the good-looking middle-aged white people say the Republicans will run amok over both Houses. This is mostly down to all the other middle-aged white people, the not-good-looking ones, the sad and fearful and angry ones, the ones with damp hands and sixteen American flags in and around their property. Certain brains of the operation say the day can still be saved if young people come out to vote. Young people will not come out to vote. They've already moved on: all they care about is vintage vinyl, mud-crusted polaroids, a paid-for cottage deep in the woods and a book deal with Timothy McSweeney.

Is it just me or does every election down there look like outtakes from Dog Day Afternoon? It's all ranting and raving and putting guns to people's heads. At least up here in Canada we're calmer about blowing our brains out, when we elect certain persons who remind us of a nerdy version of Lord Sith.


  1. hmmm.... i found that someone but now i lost it.

  2. hahaha! thanks for reminding me, i gotta go vote

  3. I just tried to comment and it said "service unavailable." I refuse to rewrite my comment. And it was so awesome.

    Have not received the book yet.

  4. Whoever gets the vote will be disappointing.

  5. we also had an election here. such a discouraging business.
    anyway, love your art! looks so much more special when you draw/paint on the bookpages.

  6. Love the drawing-
    I try not to get discouraged- things don't move forward in a straight line, do they?
    By the way, I am amazed Oona does not play Scrabble...xx


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