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The Wedding Shack-Up

Nuts or Nuptials

Just Let It Bride

The Ring Worm

Damsels in Dis' Dress

So You Think You Can Get Married?

Nice Day for a ... White Wedding?

Creative Expressions of Futility

Maree's Bridal Boo-teek Yeah


Crêpes and Conjugals

Thinly Veiled



  1. I always thought bridal shops were cheesy and over top which I guess to spend that much on a dress they have to fancy it up.

    I got my dress at a sale were all the brides were in this big open room trying on dresses. I saw my dress from across the room and told the girl to get out of my dress. :)

  2. i kind of love damsels in dis' dress :)

  3. oh my god dj! stop! so funny i am laughing so hard that, spewed coffee, am snorting-my stomach! it all hurts! can you make a poster of this post? the book cover with this list of shop names? i would seriously want to buy it!

    i designed my wedding dress and my mom and i made it(same with the twin and many o'girlfriends). i did want to wear black though because my great auntie fagella from russia wore a black silk velvet gown-not being a rebel- she just loved that dress. one of my grandmothers wore a blue silk velvet dress and my twin wore plum silk velvet.

    i want a "do over"-everyone shot down my black and look how that turned out...


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