many days i am very low, but sometimes i get high

My friend Leah (who is, incidentally, a collage maniac) has pieced together another video for one my stories. It's called Superhero Cemetery, and it was published in the last issue of the White Wall Review. To play, click [here].

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A very nice little review in Atlantic Books Today by Kate Watson. One excerpt ...
This is not to say that there is no humour in the twenty short stories that make up Punishing Ugly Children. Take for instance the back-and-forth e-mail conversation conducted in a story called “Big Head”. In it, Sean Quintal, an artist who specializes in drawing the cool “freaky Jesus” used in advertising by the Vivian Ted University for Jesus, hoists his boss on his own petard. It’s quirky, engaging fun.
So much nicer to see something like this instead of that same old grainy highschool photograph above the caption "Suspected Arsonist" in the local newspaper again.

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And how nice is a certain Blissful Chick, to post this. Thank you, Tami!

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And finally (and most certainly least of all): C made me watch the Orson Welles fiasco Mr. Arkadin last night. Let's see ... random, bizarre, weak, boring, incomprehensible, with badly done production to boot ... yep, Mr. Arkadin has it all. Yes, I realize he's a genius but every fair-haired boy has his Little Bighorn. Anyway: if you have two hours to blow, and you want to make a point about how awful your wife's taste in movies is, and wrest away control of the Zip list, then I'd definitely give Mr. Arkadin a go.


  1. I guess no one has the patience to sit through a nine-minute story. *Noted*!


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