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A wee trip into the void this morning: a coworker -- who I've met exactly once -- dropped off her nephew at my office because "he draws draws draws all the time so could he come see you?" ... the reasoning here being much like dumping someone at a pig farm because "he likes farms and growing things". I limited it to one hour. He was fourteen years old. It felt like eight days. I talked about design, drawing and resources for the creative. He looked at me like I was some kind of glitch in his game of Halo. I asked him about his own drawing; he said he just "drew stuff".

At the end I stood up, shook his hand and said, "Good luck."

"You, too," he replied, sounding like he meant it.


  1. That reminds me painfully of presenting my breakdance novel to a Catholic high school near Niagara Falls, where every kid in the 500-student assembly claimed to listen exclusively to "rock, mainly classic rock, Led Zeppelin," and were not at all interested to know that all rock has roots in black music. In accordance with their musical alignment, they also exclusively read sci-fi & fantasy, if at all. (but mainly not at all, at least not that they'd admit) It was possibly the longest hour of my life.

    Sometimes, you just don't click.

  2. today is officially 'bring your kid to work day'but perhaps said coworker didnt understand that that meant said kid hung with said parent OR!the dump was in that persons mind a fair trade for showin up at all with the hangover thumpin in their head OR!their exchanges sorta go along the same way yours did...good luck!

  3. I have been that kid! Well intentioned relatives were a nightmare.

  4. so, was he good?


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