It's a strange world, isn't it?

I'm not going to lie to you; all we ever did was watch horror films.; mixed media on canvas, 12 x 12 inches. $100.

* * * * *

So: I watched Blue Velvet. It's really a movie about likes.

Jeffrey likes to take shortcuts. Jeffrey likes to find things. Jeffrey likes mysteries.

Laura Dern likes to eavesdrop. Laura Dern likes to gossip about official police business. Laura Dern likes really big hair.

Dorothy likes to sing Blue Velvet. Dorothy likes wigs. Dorothy likes a tenuous relationship with sanity.

Frank likes Blue Velvet, too. Unfortunately, he also likes bourbon, amyl nitrite, kidnapping, extortion, and generally being a psychopath. On the upside, he also likes dreams, love letters, Pabst Blue Ribbon and people who are suave.

Why are there people like Frank? Why is there so much trouble in this world? Why does Jeffrey talk like a Grade Six student interviewing for some Junior United Nations award? Why does Dorothy live in the ugliest apartment on the planet? Why is Roy Orbison's music so creepy? Why is Laura Dern so romantically doomed?

It's a strange world, isn't it?


  1. Yes very strange world. My favorite horror movie is People under the stairs :)

  2. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Don't think I have watched it before. The new piece has lots of texture, like the deep colors. I'm enjoying your book, please write another. I know that you will, because my opinion matters to everyone.

  3. I am going to have to watch this movie again and get back to you!

  4. all i remember is the ant ridden ear and the scene with 'baby' and the scissors. eek.
    thank you so much for stopping by my blog. i really like yours.

  5. Okay, maybe I should look at this movie, after all (if only to meet Frank). Love the imagary wrapped around this painting, creepy at it's most delightful!

  6. this is the second time i've seen blue velvet mentioned this month and i have never seen it but now realize i must.

    this painting is beautiful!

  7. I hope you didnt watch that sober. It doesnt make any sense sober.


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