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Walking by my barber's this morning: the sign said 'CLOSED' but the place was lit up like Hopper's diner in the dark, and through the rain I could see my barber with a customer in his chair. This would be something he would do, the special-favour thing. Free cuts for cops and such. It reminded me that I needed to see him soon, or see someone. It got me thinking that I might switch. I like the joint but the last time I was in there he got talking a bit too much, and interrupted the hair cut to take a call from his ex-wife, who described in some detail the **POLICE RAID** going on next door. Apparently, there were helicopters and everything. And then I had to listen to my barber's own trials and tribulations with the cruel forces of justice, which he punctuated with a verdict on his neighbour's predicament: he deserved 'cause he's stupid.

Before this guy I had a nice girl named Nathalie but then she moved up to a better salon and priced herself out of my market. When I left her I felt so guilty.

Now I need to get looking again. It's a drag.

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The above photograph is my own, of my dad's old barbershop, in the little town I grew up in, about a million miles ago. It's a great photograph. It's also a bit of a fluke. If you want to see work that is consistently good, from a real professional, you need to look at Ottawa photographer John MacDonald's site. Best of all, he shoots a lot of authors (and a lot of them need to be taken out and shot).


  1. Getting your hair done is expensive and what is terrible is that the price always goes up. I think they should reward loyal hair service and cut a deal on returning customers.

  2. That's a really good picture!
    I cut my husband hair, it's not so difficult, unfortunately I can't do mine, and a session at a hairdresser is unbelievable's just hair, not gold!!!

  3. burning in the fye er play ace...

    thanks for that.

    also, go to Nathalie one last time at the new salon and see if she can't arrange to cut your hair in your house or hers. She'll make 100% profit and will most likely charge you about what you were paying at her old place

  4. that photo makes me want and hair cut..and a shave.

  5. that photo makes me want and hair cut..and a shave.

  6. Anonymous6:50 am

    I feel like I'm cheating on my usual girl when I try someone new. Inevitably, I go back to here and confess ... tail between legs.

    Beautiful post and photograph.


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