whinging wednesday

the young saints dream in colour; soap print with acrylic varnish on Rives BFK paper.

the young saints dream in colour (2); soap print with acrylic varnish on Rives BFK paper.

Two prints for artstream's upcoming print show (IPS3). Soap prints are an extremely fussy type of monoprint; the upside is that the learning curve is nearly a flat line (important for me, most days), you don't need much in the way of materials and the effort cleans up rather nicely (it is soap, after all).

* * * * *
A bit bleary coming into work today. Warm morning, sifting dark. Cars went by like shapes made of sound, like shadows growling by. I felt like I was following a tunnel.

Could be a long day. Most days my legs are so tired that I could just find a nice spot and sit down and stay there, start throwing bread crumbs to the birds. Today my elbow is killing me ... I must of have banged it on the night table in my sleep (either that or C is up to her predawn 'jokes' with the pliers again).

* * * * *
Why are people so alarming? More and more it's like closing time at the zoo, and I'm wandering around, watching the seething exhaustion and struggling to understand before they throw me out. In a hallway up on the fifth floor where I work they have a giant flatscreen where it's permanently set to some kind of astronaut channel. With the sound off. So when you walk by there's always some grinning astronaut on, some floating version of happiness. And I think, That's it, you just have to escape orbit.

* * * * *
Wednesday. If it was a channel then it would look like this.


  1. Soap prints sound rather fragrant.

    Wednesdays are my Fridays, so I quite like them.

  2. I love your monoprints! Can you just take a vacation down here and then I can show how I make my monotypes on my printing press? I only use 3 colours of ink-yellow, red and blue and make all the colours of the Rainbow(I just really wanted to say 'Rainbow').

    Then, you could go home, get wee cans of these inks use a print roller and make your own! The clean up is easy-you use vegetable oil and alcohol-Yee! Oh, and I'm not saying this because your soap prints suck, only because I think your prints are awesome and it would be SO MUCH FUN!

    Then we could go to the Zoo and sit on a bench and throw bread crumbs at the pigeons-I love to sit and just space out-that is my technique for coming up with new ideas-Eistein used this method and look at how well it works(I am totally serious about this-when I try to tell people about this, they look at me like I am crazy-poor Keeper of Random Information Merle-I have no tribe!).

    And, C and Oona Lou can go to the Zoo for real(look at animals! Ride the carisol, and more!) and visit the HUGE Children's Museum here and get a behind the scenes tour-fantastic! There are so many things for "wee people" to do here!

    Then, you could do a book reading at Big Hat Books while having a Show of your Art at the Art gallery there the same time. The best part? We could spend ONE WHOLE DAY DRESSING UP MY CATS IN DRESSES! I know this is one of your dreams so let's get it crossed off you list.

    The next day we can go to my cousin Tevlin's house(he is a ceramic artist and went to all the big whoo schools in NYC). Together we have built a space station for his ferrets to launch into space-it is very exciting and they have been into space several times. We have also made them "Interglatic Peace Keepers" badges out of Shrinking Dinks and we some for ourselves just to be safe.

    Sometimes we just like to play with the control panels-we built them out of several old Light Brights(like 10 or more) so it is quite the spectical when we turn out the lights and then puts on the recording he made of "control panel" sounds(he is also an amazing musician and can play over 10 instruments and speaks 3 languages like me! That doesn't really sound like many. He is in the 'Princess Lea' photo I sent you crying.

    Sorry about your legs-what is up? Hope you feel better. Hope your back is better as well. If not, you can go on over to my parents house and spend some time hanging upside down in what they call "The Bat Cave".

    Aren't you so glad I read your blog today! I really think you just needed to read a novel.

  3. Not bad....

  4. i have never heard of soap printing, but i like the way yours look! this is something completely tryable! awesome


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