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O Marilyn: some like it hot, I guess.

A nice review of Punishing Ugly Children by Lauren Kirshner (author of Where We Have to Go) in the newest issue of Quill & Quire. A quote:
Berger's writing can be sharp and funny, especially when describing the discomfort of forced social relations. Though the collection has moments of over-writing that obscure more than they reveal, these serve only to remind the reader where Berger's finest storytelling lies -- in his depictions of people doing the best they can under strange circumstances, often to surprising and compelling ends.

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A rejection slip from The Paris Review. But somehow it doesn't feel bad, somehow it feels like a *classy* rejection slip. Anyway, I should know better than to send them stories about alternate worlds. Those classy bastards.

* * * * *
Now who *doesn't* like mail from Singapore? I asked C why our stamps can't be this interesting, and she said something about how these countries make their stamps like art, like something to be collected and sold. "But that still doesn't explain why *we* can't do the same thing," I said. "Is there any more wine in the house?" she asked. "Your schnapps gives me gas."

I've said it before and I'll say it again: my friend from Singapore is immensely talented.

* * * * *
I have a story in the new Whitewall Review. It's about a superhero who becomes a supervillain. This is the stuff my dreams are made of.


  1. Congrats Levi!
    (I think that could be your new name)
    The review is fabulous and well is the rejection letter and yes, stamps are very important-totally agree. I love your friend's art as well! Please keep working on your Super Villan and his hidden cave with all the control panels and some kind of awesome "mobile" and weapons-would love to be your sidekick.

  2. congratulations! wow. i am very impressed and now must read

  3. Hurrah for you! Once the world wakes up and you are lauded as the 21st century's Hemingway you'll be able to reject The Paris Review.

    Meanwhile I'm going to send them something so I can get a classy rejection slip too, I have to leave something for the grandkids.


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