Oona Berger: scam artist

Oona's artwork from daycare. I think this one's called Death of the Three Little Pigs. Or Death of the Three Filthy Little Pigs. Or Death of the Three Filthy Little Communist Pigs. Or something. It's either that or Pretty Red Flowers I Love You ... I can never remember these kind of things. Anyway: great reds, kid.

This one's a bit more in the abstract-expressionist school. It's about a bullfight or a traffic accident or the end of the Japanese empire. Or something. Who the hell knows what these kids get up to at daycare? Bloody communists. Also: I have some doubts about the signature.


  1. I agree, signature a bit sketchy :)

  2. I wish my father was 1/4 as interested in me when I was a baby. Or now even.

  3. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Awesome work Oona!! <3 --Poor Jeannette!

  4. oona rocks! the freedom is wonderful

  5. I'm seeing a chicken in the first one, along with 3 differently-sized pigs

    Just wondering how many of those pigs were stuck to Oona before they were stuck to the paper

    Very impressed with the way Oona mixes up her style of 'a' in her signature


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