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Oona and I went to the park the other day, while C was taking a nap (read: sleeping one off). Oona is a fierce libertarian; if there's anything she's about, it's absolute free will. So I let her run rampant. She tottered around, abusing handfuls of leaves and talking gibberish to ghosts.

* * * * *

The pants were bought by C's mom for Catherine's daughter Evangeline, so they have some sentimental value. I like them because of how forgiving they are; I mean, you could hide a sheep in there. When do I get to wear pants like that?

O that's right: when I'm old.


  1. She looks like she's having a marvellous time, there's not much better than getting out and running around in fallen leaves.

    You could buy a pair of trousers two or three sizes too big but people might begin to avoid you. Are you old enough to remember the trend for huge baggy pants with skinny ankles in the very early eighties, they were distinctly unflattering?

  2. Elastication - you have to poo your pants before you're allowed those kind of trousers I'm afraid

  3. Oona is a girl after my own heart...wandering around, babbling to herself, ignoring requests

    Just think...when you're old, you'll not only be able to wear pants like that, you'll also be able to wear a diaper (aka nappy) underneath

  4. just when I was thinking that I didn't have the clock in me BAM there it goes, thanks a lot now I think babies and little people are adorable.

  5. adorable!
    (btw; I am doing a paint by number exchange if you would like to join in. there will be a group working internationally. I can change the deadline if it doesn't work for you:

  6. that is really really cute :)


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