fun with C

A surprisingly popular Prime Minister. Astonishing, in fact.

* * * * *

Last night I made string pie. It's a delicious dish -- deep and flavourful and layered with heat, perfect for a fall evening -- but it's not one that can be eaten quickly, and so it invites conversation. Conversation with C.

Did you see that poll about which prime ministers were most popular? I asked.

No, replied C, looking around for a cat. Was it on Facebook?

As a matter of fact it was. Guess which prime minister is considered most popular?

C shrugged. There were no cats around. I don't know. Laurier?

I almost choked. LAURIER!!?? If you asked ten people on the street who Laurier was, five would think he was a hockey player and four would think he discovered Hudson Bay.

C was thinking about how much alcohol might still be in the house. Okay, she said, Kim Campbell?

KIM CAMPBELL??!! Are you serious!!?? She was prime minister for about five minutes and she wasn't even elected!

Yeah, C said, wondering what vanilla extract might taste like. Wasn't she deputy prime minister or something? Isn't that how she became prime minister?

What the hell are you talking about??!! Deputy prime minister! Yes, that deputy minister -- always lurking around in the shadows, just waiting for the prime minister to catch a bullet so he can seize power! We're not Americans, you know. We don't shoot people in motorcades, and nobody gets sworn into office on Air Force One.

Kim Campbell was a woman, C said, looking pleased with herself (and thinking: Now I deserve a drink!).

Yeah, you're right, I said. You got me there.


  1. Ok, I'm gonna own up and admit that I was more interested in what the hell a string pie was, than any ex-prime ministers

    Yum (the string pie that is, not the ex-prime ministers. Although the one pictured looks like he may have had a secret thing about string pie...or not)

  2. Me too - I never studied Canadian history and probably could not name more than 2 presidents - but my question is what is string pie? And did it taste good?

  3. String pie? Come on dish it.

    Um, are you driving C to drink?

  4. I love C's personality in this.

    It seems that most conversations are like this, yet not many people notice and/or can write about it the way you do!

    Always entertaining.


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