hard chick

{from top} owl 11-44, owl 11-47 and owl 11-40; ink on paper (math pages).

Sometimes the hard chick wins.

Yesterday, at the post office, the hard chick wanted to pick up her parcel. She was at the counter beside me, this ponytail with a tan and iridescent lip liner.

Do you have any ID with your current address? asked the clerk.

No, said the hard chick. I just moved here.

I need some ID with your current address.

No you don't. I came in here last week and picked up a parcel for my grandmother's boyfriend, no problem. It was the same ID.

They shouldn't have done that.

Well, too bad. I want my parcel.

Okay. Okay. You'll have to sign for it.



  1. I have had a lot of practise at 'being hard' lately - it's quite fun

  2. I love him! The Post Office can be sooo frustrating because they always look bored and appear unhelpful. I don't know if I ever have met a friendly postal worker.

  3. Love the fact she had picked up a parcel for her grandmother's boyfriend

    Now I'm picturing the grandmother

    And I bet she's a hard chick too

  4. being "hard" is hard to do sometimes

  5. Thank you for stopping over by my blog and leaving a note!
    I agree about that matt, it would be a perfect place for a workplace :)

    What a great blog you have here and your art is fantastic!!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

    My best!

  6. Oh, how I love the owls!


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