Globe and Mail review

I have a review in The Globe and Mail (online) today. The link is here.

Is it strange to see your name floating across the screen when you didn't put it there? Does it feel peculiar to read something that someone else has written about your work? We don't get graded much, as adults. You reach a certain age where you no longer expect reviews (and then, when you get even older than that, you no longer care). I mean, I can hardly imagine someone actually reading my book (or anyone reading much of anything, these scattered days, when everyone seems so bored and stressed and poured away).

Still, I'm glad he liked it.


  1. Already read it (thanks to C's link on FB). I will read it (still have to order it), maybe not just before bedtime though!
    Great review - he did like it!

  2. It must have felt pretty damned good to read that!

  3. I can't be bothered to find the post that tells me how to get a copy. I've been waiting for my paycheck. It's here and now I want one...

    Do I sound a little demanding?

    I am.

  4. never mind.. I bothered. found the post and emailed you.


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