the down down

obtinem 2; ink on paper (page from a math text book).

* * * * *
One of *those* days yesterday, those end-run-end kind of days, when your thoughts fall apart and you turn that corner away from yourself, and it doesn't matter what happens, you don't care, you don't care what anyone says or what happens to you because you're too tired and too done, and in a strange way you're liberated. Normally I don't go out for that having-nothing-is-everything bullshit but yesterday came *pretty* close. Dangerous.

And then it passes, and you get some sleep, and the next morning you're just like every other putz, hustling to get to work on time.

* * * * *
Just finished Cosmopolis, which is essentially that very story, only on a grander scale, with a greater fall: this super-rich guy who makes James Bond look like a schmuck, this guy who decides to impose his will on the yen, and won't listen to anyone, and loses everything, and then revels in it.

It was just okay. I mean, it's DeLillo, so it's never bad, but it really tries a bit too hard.

* * * * *
And finally, finally I got to watch High Plains Drifter. And *here's* a story about a guy who's at the end of his rope (or this case: whip), and becomes vengeance incarnate, and is completely awesome.


  1. I know what you mean by "those days". Cool clip. The shot of him raising his head, giving us the view of the brim of his hat was right on.

    Congrats on your new book. It looks like a fun read.


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