cheer up, chickie (everything you know is an accident)

cheer up, chickie (everything you know is an accident); mixed media on wood board, 30 x 30 inches. The string series continues.

* cheer up, chickie *

When you’re in the army, you never leave a room without your hat. But if you do leave your hat in the office, people will think you’re still there. Bonus. When it comes to salesmen, your goal is to get rid of them as soon as possible. On the flip side, never take a sales job without a base salary. Whatever stock it is, people never want it. You know you’re trying too hard when you don’t know where things are going. The worst kind of job is where you’re ignored. The best kind of job is where you’re ignored. When nothing good can happen, all you can do is choose the best way of losing. People will lose sight of who you are. Don’t take it personally. The personal lives of criminals are like the personal lives of adolescents. Most people have poor reasoning skills. ‘You picked me’ is the weakest kind of argument. People are generally good. Strangers are generally bad. Whatever bad thing it is, you don’t need to do it anymore. People without bad habits should be avoided. Bad things happen in basements. Find Control before Control finds you. I remember my dad giving me a bottle of pop and telling me not to say anything to the farmer who was coming around to pay for the two coats of paint my dad was supposed to have put on his barn. I drank my pop. It was delicious. Sometimes Miriam says she doesn’t feel it – ‘it’ being the love from me. Like I’m disconnected. Like a broken string. Meanwhile she walks around with her arms hanging straight down by her sides, looking at me with her head tilted, complaining about being tired (tired? why?). She’s defensive about everything, including being tired. Meanwhile, my omelettes grow cold. Celebrity television is just the first sign of something. Trust me. If winter never ended then everyone would go crazy. In the end, the Everything is surprisingly small. Big pictures are always a blur. Generally, people are too optimistic. One day Miriam said to me: Don’t get your hopes up and I’ll promise you everything. I said: Cheer up, Chickie! Everything you know is an accident.

* * * * *

Here's hoping to see a lot of you at my show and launch this Sunday, even if you can only drop by for a quick visit. 4 to 8 pm, 477A Princess Street, just up the street from the Shopper's at Princess + Division, right beside Darbar restaurant. Thanks and be good.


  1. I presume you sell your paintings, is the price beyond me, and could one be shipped over here anyway? I really like the movement and energy in this one, and your use of colour.

    Good luck with the launch. I plan to spend as much of the weekend as possible reading your book.

  2. Hey Eryl,

    Re: your question yesterday ... these are writings meant to accompany the paintings I'm showing at my book launch. Eventually, I'm sure, they'll be submitted for publication somewhere.

    Re: My stuff is pretty reasonable, actually (in fact, C often gives me a hard time about selling stuff too cheap). And yes, I've shipped to Scotland before. Let me get back to next week, okay?

  3. Came here via eryl's blog (the source of much happiness generally) - really like my first look and will come back to have a proper look tomorrow.

  4. nice to see your inc drawings!

  5. I love your work :) Will you check out mine and follow please

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