And that side of the haze.

Drawings of my friend Row, who is tall and fierce and crazy as hell. She seems to have found a way to exist outside of time, to travel through life like it's a dress rehearsal for some seven year-old's tea party. What's not to like?

* * * * *
This fall morning: you make your way with the sun like a ray-gun going off in your face, seeing nothing but steam clouding out of your nostrils. You step by the Korean kids; they saunter around like they're going down to the basement to watch tv. Two pretty-pony girls half-yell at each other as they jog along. So great, one says, she's going to have a baby with buck teeth *and* a big ass.


  1. Row sounds like someone I'd like to know :)

  2. Row sounds about as cool as they come.

    Yesterday morning a lovely, neat, manilla package fell through my door. For a while I just enjoyed the post-mark and the certainty of what it contained. It's open now and Punishing Ugly Children is waiting by my comfy chair for me get my chores done.


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