Three Skeleton Maries (Nous dirons que le point.)

Skeleton Marie 1, 2 and 3; pencil and ink on paper (pages from an old math book).

I think I like three the most -- it's definitely the prettiest -- but the first is closest to the shape of her face, and two is alight with the expression in her eye, that open stare and settling drift. The original is here.

I painted these in New Brunswick, early, on the one of the few rainy mornings. Painting first thing is best, when the coffee is still burbling, and the only thing to interrupt you are the humming birds in the window, when you look up to see these little helicopters attacking each other.

I don't know why I made these portrait when the original is landscape. I don't know why I expect everyone to know what the hell that means, unless we've all become so hopelessly acquainted with feeding paper into printers.

She has a wonderfully elastic face. That's the reason of youth, I guess. And that's really all I can tell you about her. She does put words to her photographs at times but the point, I think, is poetry.

I've painted her before. And there'll be more, down the road. There is no point -- only a compulsion to catch what's in the air.


  1. I like the last version, it seems more define - that is the lines and her expression is more there

  2. I really like the expression on Girl 3. Seductive and innocent at the same time.


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