kümmern sommer

Yesterday we went over to visit Janet and Brian's pool. O pool. It felt like the last day of summer. The water had that briskness to it, and the sun had heat but no power. A highschool teacher named Stinky came over, suffering from a migraine. It's always like that at the end of things.


  1. ugh, lucky you! it was miserable yesterday and today looks as oppressive as yesterday! we labored at getting daughter grace moved back into college life. four hour drive and no rum.
    that oona looks like quite the water baby! man is she cute!!!!!

  2. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Nice pics. She looks pretty pleased to be around the water. All we had yesterday was a kiddie pool about 4 feet across, and one of Alicia's friends was small enough to fit in with the four babies.

  3. It wasn't Stinky Bill was it?

    It's the last day of Winter today. Can't finish soon enough for me.

  4. Tell us in which way Bill is stinky

  5. It ain't over till the high school teacher called Stinky gets a migrane.

  6. Your blog is a treat red-handed, not to be mistaken with red handed. And it's good to meet you here.

    Here in Australia we have a red headed PM hopefully in the making, though the conservative forces want her out.

    This comment is in response to your post two down about red heads. This one here's about the tail end of summer for you. For us it's about to be the first day of spring. You'd never know it by our present blast of cold weather.

  7. your baby pictures are sparse and pleasant. those eyes are incredible for someone so tiny!


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