bring in the blind judge

kens iv-56, kens 111-2, and kens 111-4; pen and ink on paper (pages from an old math text book), 8.25 x 6 inches.

* * * * *

We went to Grass Creek Park today. We wanted to go to Big Sandy Bay on Wolfe Island but everyone else cramming the ferry had exactly the same idea. So it was Grass Creek then.

And then: the wind. It was something ... unexpected. The clouds were flattened tails of vapour, painted thin and pushed around. Warm water opaque with muck. Oona in her teeny bikini, watching the gulls very carefully.

Grass Creek is a nice little park. They have the sheep dog trials there in early August. This confused the hell out of C, until I explained that these were a kind of qualifying competition, and had nothing to do with putting sheep dogs on trial. For murder. Or licking themselves.

Besides, I said, have you ever tried to convict a sheep dog? It's nearly impossible. People love those fucking dogs.


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