Branch (Issue 2.2, Home)

I have a story and some artwork in the new issue of Branch magazine. Amazingly, it's in the section called "Art + Words".

The story is a flash fiction piece called Dark All Day. I like it because it reminds me of those Choose Your Own Adventure books. I am not shitting you; I loved those fucking books. Of course, *my* story is about a thousand times blacker.

[If it was up to me, I would leave soot on the reader's fingers, just like newspapers used to do with that cheap black ink. Only my stuff wouldn't wash off.]

The artwork looks rather sharpish: some recent paintings and some cigar-tin stories (covers) and some drawings in ink from Broken Hill (that novella I've started floating around).

You can find it all (and *loads* of other good stuff, the whole thing is really well done) here. Be patient (I know, ohmygod): it does take a minute to load.

Thanks to Gillian & Roberutsu for adding a lovely new home to the Canadian literary neighbourhood.


  1. a huge congratulations :)

  2. And thanks to your lovely wife for introducing you to Branch.

  3. Anonymous10:59 am

    人人都可以成為自己生命的建築師,只要有心,人人都是食神 哈哈............................................................


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