this is the house that laziness built

After a full day with Oona, first at the park, where she padded around our blanket in her diaper like a drunken samurai, taunting me with my own keys, and then in the burbs, and the big box stores, where I had to buy her doggy toys so she'd have something to chew on, and she wouldn't yell at the other customers ... well, a guy gets pretty beat. And it's nights like that where I wish we still had tv (satellite) ... something I could just turn on, and watch mindlessly, while shoveling spoonfuls of corn twists into my mouth. Still, I keep some dvd's around for just the occasion, and The Bourne Ultimatum always works it's slippery magic ... the impossible car chases, the startling aerial city shots (Tangier, in particular, is an eye-popper), the frenetic fights, the sad spoony face of Julia Stiles. Ah. Now if we can just get mom to come home before morning, then everything will be alright.


  1. I sure hope the term drunken samurai gets used for years to come.

  2. thanks for looking in even though I was living in a fetal position for a the Bourne Ultimatum, I always dream I can jump through windows over buildings etc. Truth is I can barely walk around the block these days..sigh

  3. I don't think I've seen the Bourne Ultimatum, perhaps I'll try it. My comfort film is The Godfather part 2 and it could do with a companion at the moment.

    Drunken samurai perfectly describes a toddler in a diaper.


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