Viktor Pivovarov, cover of a children's book.

This morning I opened the cabinet beneath the kitchen sink to find an electrical cord hanging out of the garbage. Snaking out from under the lid, it looked like a forked tail.

It belonged to an alarm clock, sitting there on the very top of yoghurt containers and cereal liners and wet bits of food and seeping coffee filters. I was surprised she (read: C) got it to fit.

"Why is there an alarm clock in the garbage?" I asked.

"Where else would I put it?" C asked back.

Well, let's see: by the back door (to be taken out to the garbage in the garage), in the garbage in the garage, in the plastic recycling, on the curb, in the alley, in the forest, under the bed of a benevolent dictator, in outer space.

But no, she chose the (overstuffed) garbage.

I swear to God I will open that lid to find a leaking air-conditioner in there some day. Or a car.


  1. :) honestly, i would have put it in the garbage can to

  2. too! sorry. my pet peeve

  3. where else?
    what a loaded question.
    you sure are brave.

  4. seems right to me :)

  5. Glad you added the '(read C)' bit, otherwise I'd think Oona had been helping out by cleaning up a bit

  6. the art cover really is inspiring...

  7. C sounds like my husband, S, who practices and different sort of practical to me.

    Love the cover art.

  8. The 'and' should have been an 'a'!


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