oh the youth are so smooth, and so brittle

switched circuits; pen and ink on paper (from an old math text book).

Went to a wedding yesterday. Out to a country town, held in a big country church. Five groomsmen, four bridesmaids, children in miniaturized roles, the whole big-picture thing. The bride looked lovely.

The men in the crowd, however, were a different matter. Most of them looked dressed for something between a parole hearing and casino night. Few slacks, fewer ties, almost no jackets. Worst of all, they looked uncomfortable. I mean, if you're going to be dying inside anyway, why not do so in a suit?

As cynical about the world as I am (read: going to hell in a handbasket), I think I'm on fairly solid ground here to demand at least business-casual for any matter requiring entrance to a church. It is a show, after all. And what about the women? As a group, they looked rather fine (in fact, one in the pew in front of us looked so nice that Oona thought she'd sample a handful of her hair). And since the whole business is about them anyway, and they're almost always running the show, why aren't they laying down some sort of dress code with their marching orders? I mean, what's the point of being in charge if you can't design the uniform for all your flying monkeys? What a world, what a world.


  1. this is amazing :) congrats

  2. love that you judged everyones outfits the whole time. i do that too in the same way:)

  3. A friend an I were invited to the opera

    Not my usual kind of event, but it was gratis, so why ever not?

    And cos it's the opera, we dressed up. Cocktail dresses, pretty fripperies

    And most people were in jeans

    And they looked at us like we were freaks. Sad

  4. We seem to be undergoing some kind of transition regarding dress. I never know what to wear to any occasion these days and usually end either over or under dressed. It's got so bad, and become so confusing, that next time I'm invited to anything I'll ask for written guidelines with diagrams.

  5. what we see is the young women dressed very nicely going on a date with a dude dressed in jeans and some sort of logo t-shirt.
    she looks fresh and sexy; he looks like he is going to report for work at a construction site....
    i think it's a matter (or lack) of self-pride....


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