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solved problems; pen and ink on paper (page from an old math text book).

Took Oona for an earlier-than-usual walk this morning, just to exorcise some sillies and get some missing milk (Daddy needs his cereal). We made a big loop out of it. About two blocks away I noticed that someone had (very helpfully) amended a stop sign; underneath where it says "STOP", it also now says "Hammertime".

The milk we found at our local Mac's. When we went in, I noticed that the manager was training a new employee. Then I remembered that this same store was robbed at knife-point last week.

I bought 2%. It helps me maintain my girlish figure.

There's some kind of 'green' store opening up in our neighbourhood, the kind of everything-green store where everything is good for you and environmentally friendly and crafted by unexploited pygmy cripples with rain-washed bamboo and nails made out of kisses. C was all excited when she heard this and thinks it will do a booming trade. I don't. My own evidence comes solely from the fact that, while looking at the window displays from across the street, I almost tripped over the curled, bloated corpse of a dead raccoon.


  1. bystander12:48 pm

    peple like the idea of shopping "green" but when the amount at the til is three times what you would normally pay, reconcilling a philosophical belief system and the bankbook don't alway even out.

  2. That line "nails made out of kisses" will be lodged in my head for a long time.

    I really could stop for some hammertime. I find that life was more fun back in those hammer days. I'd probably shop green if there was some M.C. Hammer muzac in the background.

  3. nice style !truly amazing :)


  4. Anonymous6:36 pm

    I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat..................................................................

  5. At the "green" stores here everything is imported from California. Very "eco" of them. Or "echo," as they say here.

  6. What a beautiful baby! Mesmerizing eyes!

    Also, love what you are doing with the math pages and ink!

  7. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Great post, amusing as the pics, especially Oona.


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