three jimmy's and a place by the sea

Three Jimmy's; pen and ink on paper (pages from a math text book, then mounted on board), 4.5 x 7.5 inches.

I found a picture of Jimmy Stewart in my pocket. It's not that unusual, really -- I print all sorts of pictures, all the time, with ideas for drawings or paintings I'll make. But I have no memory of choosing this Jimmy, and I have no idea what to do with him.

It's a closeup. It looks like a still from a movie. Black and white. He's cast in shadow, looking tortured or doubtful (is there really any difference?). His collar is up so it's cold outside. Possibly winter. He's wearing a hat, but everyone wore hats in his kind of movies.

I draw him three times in pen and ink. His face is lovely in its empathy and length. But I still don't remember anything.

* * * * *

A certain someone just sneezed an entire mouthful of baby food right into my face; the effect is like throwing a handful of barf against a window fan.

* * * * *

The other day we (me and this certain someone, who demands to be pushed and carried, like some kind of twenty-pound queen) came across the coolest flyer I've ever seen. It was taped (with big red industrial tape) to a telephone pole on the west side of Barrie Street, and it read something like ...
Kevin, for stealing from the police.
And riding around on his scooter.
He is a menace.
$20 reward but do not try to catch his scooter, too.
That is too dangerous.
$40 reward if you capture his scooter, too.
I meant to take a picture but when I came back the next day it was gone.

* * * * *

Shout-outs, when you get them, are very nice: here, here, here, and here.

* * * * *

We bought a car this week. It's a Hyundai Elantra Touring. C wants to give it a name. Fine. These are the choices I've come up with so far:
The Car
Le Car
Car Car
DJ's Fabulicious Auto Experience
Explosion Face
Four-Door Foucault
Drives Into Ditches
Toxic Terry
The Joseph Goebbels Cruise Control Experiment
Hands Free Willy
All suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

* * * * *

*Long* week: second edit of my book manuscript, tons of new artwork, all this car business, looking after Miss Wigglesworth. Going on a three-week vacation soon (note to the house sitters: leave my schnapps alone) to the shores of the Northumberland Strait so you won't see me here for a bit. Although I won't try so hard myself, keep your head above water in the meantime.


  1. We have the same car! Mine doesn't have a name either, and it's nearing 2 years old and that depresses me.

    Our Hyundai Accent was named Miss Bruce. It was the fiercest bitch in the world. Beep beep. Holler.

    Such a gay-assed car.

    But the Elantra deserves better. Once I can come up with a name for mine, I'll help you with yours.

    (PS- I had an 89 Chevy Celebrity in grad school named Frau Bleu. She was a thick old gal)

    (PPS- I've only had 3 cars)

  2. angelina2:51 pm

    I would call your car "Bubba".

  3. i found nothing in my pocket :((

  4. I would call your car James Maitland "Jimmy" Stewart.

  5. I think all cars are girls. Hence, my metal friend 'Nanna'

    Well, she's 'Nanna' cos of the pensioner beige interior, but I don't like to bring that up often

    I'm concerned about the WW2 names. I mean, if you're going down that route, it's gotta be 'Eva' surely?

    Have a great holiday

  6. Someone recently asked me what movie star I would want to kiss if I could.

    I chose Jimmy Stewart.

    As for your car name..I just reached over and did a random point from Doris Lessing.

    I chose Maureen.

  7. Like the Jimmys. Has he ever played a really really evil role? Perhaps one where he tears around on a scooter, collar turned up, stealing from the police.

  8. Apparently he played one bad guy role. (I had to look it up.) He was the killer in After the Thin Man.

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  10. Anonymous9:54 am


  11. We bought a Hyundai four years ago and love love love it. Best car ever except for that dern front lights going out all the time. We have one of those high powered V-6 Sonota's that was clocked at 146 MPH on the Chicago Loop - lol. Love the poster. Guess the scooter guy got there before you.

  12. Anonymous7:06 pm


  13. the second is my favorite for sure. awesome.

  14. I vote Explosion Face. It's edgy.
    Like your Jimmys, and that Wanted notice is hilarious! Old lady with a tearaway grandson? Poor dear...

  15. Anonymous6:25 am

    Some people cannot see the wood for the trees.............................................................


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