sudden temperature change may cause breakage

A poet friend of mine is also quite the visual tinkerer/explorer; she's always taking photographs, making collages, drawing Venn diagrams, shaping words into lines of sight. So when I told her that I'd been thinking about posting some audio content (me reading stories) on my blog, she instantly volunteered to make an accompanying video.

The story is called "Ophelia (323), Scrub Your Eyes". It appeared in a little UK magazine called Bottom of the World in March, 2009. It's not in my upcoming book but only because of timing.

It's the usual suspects: my fascination with things that are not themselves, thought reduced to transferred emotion and blunt objects of icons, the elusiveness of escape, the future as coming rain.

Monday today. C said that, "... it's going to be really nice today, so we should get outside." I love it when people say things like that; they're almost always people who are spending their own day being entertained by the air-conditioning.


  1. that was...

    I don't know.

    I felt like taking notes or holding my breath or running to the end of the road and throwing handfuls of pebbles in the puddle there.
    or something.

    and the me a big silly fan of right angles if you must.

    so this book...when?

  2. I want your book, and I want it now.

  3. Oh, how beautiful...both story and voice

    I felt I wasn't doing either justice by listening with the tv on in the background (albeit on mute), and all lights burning

    So I took the laptop into my bedroom and lay there on my bed in the dark, where I could concentrate

    And as I said, beautiful

    You really need to do an audio version of your book when it's published

  4. Fern: thank you, as always. The book comes out in the fall.

    Leni: ;]

    Eryl: That's very kind.

    Kaz: Thank you so much for the little story of your listening, and for the encouragement, too.


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