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Tsukioka YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892) "Looking Suitable: The Appearance of a Brothel Geisha of the Koka Era" (1844-1848). From the set: Thirty-two Aspects of Women published by Tsunashima Kamekichi, 1888.

Seen (scene) lately ...

x} A Hummer limousine, parked on the sidewalk. Blocking my way. Making me walk around, staring into blackened windows. I could only hope that there was some sort of sunroof, a night of debauchery and a drunken decapitation somewhere ahead.

x} Posters for D.A.R.N. (Downtown Action Revitalization Network) in empty storefront windows ... because downtown Kingston is blighted with empty storefronts right now, and (apparently) I'm not the only one who's noticed. They're organized!

x} Not only organized, but they'll have a table at the Skeleton Park Music Festival (a side note: how simple and lovely is the visual identity for this festival? it's *exactly* what a small-city festival should look like).

x} Is it just me, or is it true that after 9 p.m., Princess right before and after Division Street is almost exclusively the realm of drunken university students stumbling/texting their way home? And why do they always drop their chips?

x} And why all the wind and whirling dervishes of garbage?

x} The young guys at the Metro (a downtown supermarket), starting to shuffle as they get up to the cashier, this cashier who's a tall, impossible, gorgeous horse. Even her teeth are like lightning. And these guys all twitch and throw themselves around, trying to make up banter.

x} Plastic might be the death of us but Oona *loves* clear tupperware, as happy and chewing and drooling as anything. So screw you, Toys 'R Us.

x} A pair of wet sweatpants, curled around the base of a telephone pole. Alas, C was not tempted, no matter the logo.

x} Three freezie wrappers in the little alcove before the downstairs door to my studio. Was that a nice cool spot, oh mysterious hot stranger, to eat such a quantity of flavoured, frozen treats?


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