we are all just waves washing over

Oona with Auntie Mary Ann, on the back deck over at Uncle Colin's place, as he was kind enough to feed us the other night. Good timing too, because the next day it rained. And then the day after that it stormed.

So: lots of *inside time* for Oona Balloona (or -- as some of you are calling her these days -- Oona Saskatoona) and me, and we all know how fun inside time is with pressing heaps of family. There are egos and voices and thoughts on real estate, both interior and otherwise. Meals are minor crises. And then children show up, like little insane people, more than willing to dish out head-butts.

Needless to say that, as the visit wears on, Oona is having a few meltdowns. She's used to hanging out with a dad who reads books about World War Two (C says I should get a t-shirt that says I heart WWII) and a mom who feeds her a bottle while watching TMZ. By the end of the trip she'll have had so much stimulation that I should be able to keep her locked in the basement for the rest of the summer.


  1. I like to think of her as 'The Oonster'

    She'll be wondering where everyone else has gone once you get home

    But then again, she'll have her Mum back :)

  2. What the hell is with that outfit!?! Those two items shouldn't even be in the same drawer never mind on the same body! I packed delightful outfits. What has happened to them? It all falls apart, doesn't it, when mommy isn't on the scene.

  3. glad your vacation is so fun. i happen to love ww2 as well...

  4. are you sure that Oona didn't pick out those clothes herself? As for WWII..my dad was a Marine on IwoJima and other less than savory vacation spots..he rarely spoke of the real war..but he could have been a writer for MASH!

  5. Oona is very cute.
    i like the name Oona Balloona!

  6. what a sweet scrunchie face!


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