three days in

Three days into this parental-leave business and still not quite *with it*, as my grandpa used to say. It's a big change, from rushing off to work in the morning to waiting around for someone to poop (actually, there are some similarities there). At the office I'd just blaze through my morning, knowing full well how wool-headed I was in the afternoon; now we don't even get out of the house until three or so (which has, this week at least, been the time for the sun to finally come out). I understand the rhythms of the day well enough -- it's basically just play, eat, play, eat, poop, nap, repeat ... again, not entirely different from the office -- but I'm still not making enough hay with my quiet time. But then the last few months have been a real drag, and I'm tired ... Chicken Licken is asleep right now and I'm tempted to put my head down, too. And the second I drift off is when, of course, she'll wake right up.


  1. when needed:
    always nap when baby naps.
    common sense.
    love the work/baby day analogies.
    god, it's so flippin true.
    only with the baby, it's meaningful.
    have fun. i so envy you!

  2. Susans advice was just what I was going to say..I learned early to sleep when the babies slept..housework is not important

  3. Babies do have a habit of waking up at inopportune times don't they?

  4. why the need to make hay?

  5. Nap! Enjoy! You have lots of time to make hay or grind flour or whatever....

  6. *ahem* And I quote: "I don't understand why you don't just nap all the time. If I were you, I'd be napping all the time."


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