time flies, said the bird

untitled; pen and ink on onion paper.

Last day at the office. In for thirteen hours yesterday, straight through lunch, then the graveyard of the parking lot, carrying boxes in darkness. Today's still crashy but I can see the end.

A file is just somebody's problem. Sometimes it's a real problem, sometimes not. Either way, after a certain number of piles you just want to set them all on fire.

Which is a good time to get out for awhile. I'll have four months at home with my little bird. We'll see how it flies.


  1. angelina1:24 pm

    Enjoy your time at home with Oona and cherish every moment of it! What a great thing you are doing taking your turn staying home with your baby.

  2. Yay!

    I thought about you while I was at work yesterday (my Friday). I thought about Friday being your last day at work

    You'll have a fab time hanging out with Oona

  3. i love the bird feeding bird.

  4. i think this is me and him, My Bird.


  5. That's a beautiful drawing.

    Yay for parental leave!

  6. Anonymous2:48 pm

    Cool...enjoy! Love the bird drawing on onion paper. Where do you find this paper?


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