Fresh Air Nazis

Isn't that funny?; mixed media on canvas, 8 x 8 inches, the string series continues.

One of the problems with spring (one of the many problems) is that it unleashes all the Fresh Air Nazis. My lovely wife C, for example, will run in from ten minutes "in the garden" (read: in our backyard, which seeps with dead mice, wet cardboard and old pee) and immediately start throwing open windows. "This house is like a furnace!" she'll say, and run down to the basement so she can take an axe to the furnace. It is at this point that I'll have to remind her that babies, despite their vigorous immune systems and love of mountaineering, do not exactly prosper when inflicted with booming draughts of ice-chilled air. (I also have to remind her that they equally dislike falling off the edge of beds -- something about the verticality of the whole thing -- but that's another story.) I often tell C that she should have married my brother Colin, who will gladly walk into your house, open all the windows, and then leave. He also subscribes to certain economic views made famous by certain Austrian corporals.

Now, who wants to go on a spring picnic?


  1. well, there's a thing?!

    I too wish for quiet and an extra, extra, extra long table . . . . . :)


  2. brilliant, as usual.

  3. lord.

    opening all the windows i can see at the moment.

  4. It's hard to hold on to the love when they are breaking out the fresh air all over you. Just because the dandylions think it's time doesn't mean it is.

  5. I love the mixed media painting!

  6. babies like cold air, ask Dr. Spock


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